Lightweight penetrations collar for use in conjunction with Flamestop fire curtains


Flamestop Multi-Collar is a high temperature woven glassfibre textile collar.

It is used to ensure integrity and insulation at penetrations through main curtains of Flamestop 60 and Flamestop FSI.

Flamestop Multi-Collar ensures that the barrier is complete and integrated,completing the seal at the penetration point.


with Flamestop60

The Multi-Collar is used as a seal around the penetration to prevent smoke and flame migration.

with Flamestop FSI

Flamestop FSI is an insulation product, and to maintain inulsation performance at penetrations it is required to wrap any perishable pipe or service with the same insulation material as the main barrier/curtain it penetrates.

Multi-Collar enables insulated pipes and services to be fully closed at the penetration point and integrated into the main fire curtain barrier.

FlameStop FSI is fitted using galvanised C-stud to frame out openings and 25mm galvanised angle to fix the curtain to the C-stud. The proper overlaps and stapling centres are fundamental to the correct performance of the fire barrier and users are advised to download the installation instructions and adhere to the specific fixing criteria.


Sealing Multi-Collar with High Temperature Silicone sealant.

Download the complete Flamestop and Multi-Collar installation details below.


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